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The photos on this page are drums and parts from unknown makers. We do have some clues for some of these items, but we’re looking for information on exactly who produced them and anything else that can be learned and published about them.

Excuse the photos, some of which are very poor. They’re gathered from around the internet and they’re all that we have. If you see your photo here and want it removed, feel free to contact us and we’ll take it down.

If you can offer any info about something on this page, or if you want to contribute a mystery piece to this gallery, please visit our contact page and let us know. Thanks!

Unknown floor tom leg brackets
Unknown floor tom leg brackets
Unknown floor tom leg brackets
Probably Japanese, though the eye bolt looks to be high quality
Unknown hinged snare drum
Unknown hinged snare drum. Appears to be factory-made based on the rering behind where the buckles are mounted.
Unknown brass 10-24 lug inserts
Unknown brass 10-24 lug inserts
Unknown bass drum uk?
Unknown bass drum, probably UK-made in the 1930s or 40s
Unknown bass drum uk? interior
Unknown nickel tension rods 6mm
Unknown tension rods. Metric 6mm threads, may be European or Japanese. Nickel finish.
Unknown cymbal tilter
Unknown cymbal tilter. 1/4-20 threads at both ends, very well constructed. Nickel finish.
Unknown German snare 1900s
Unknown 1900s snare, German style strainer and rim clips
Unknown European snare flanged rims
Unknown snare, probably German. Triple flanged rims and twin holes for snare cord (as opposed to silk wound strands) would indicate 1950s or newer, but single tension system and strainer style suggest a much older drum.
Unknown leg brackets on Leedy drum
Unknown leg brackets on a Leedy drum, possibly homemade and unplated
Unknown Euro drum Tromsa strainer?
Unknown Euro drum, probably German. Lefima-style clips.
Unknown metal shell bongos
Unknown metal shell bongos
Unknown nickel bass drum tension rod
Unknown nickel bass drum tension rod, an unfamiliar handle style. Appears to be 12-24 thread.
Unknown Television wrap German floor tom
Unknown Euro drums, 1960s
Unknown Television wrap German floor tom
The finish is a Sonor wrap called Television, but the parts are unfamiliar.
Unknown tension rods claws 1/4-20
Unknown single tension rods and claws, 1/4-20 threads. Probably European circa 1890-1900.
Unknown snare strainer, perhaps British
Unknown floor tom leg brackets, perhaps a Leedy or W&A prototype or short-lived model

Unknown drums, possibly Turkish or Italian

Unknown tom, unflanged rim over tacked head. Features an early quick-release lug system for fast head removal
Unknown snare drum
Timpani rods are reminiscent of 60s Rogers rods
snare side rim has two small pass thru holes for wires
Unknown snare with plastic muffler plate and offset lugs. Parallel strainer is visible. Likely German.
Unknown snare, mixed lugs 2-to-1 tuning system. This drum is almost certainly modded. Strainer is a style used around the turn of the century.
Both sets of lugs and most of the other hardware is unfamiliar. The butt plate is a Rogers or Frank Wolf part from the late 1930s.
Unknown small marching snare
Likely British or French made, 1900s-10s
Unknown MIJ snare with single point lugs
Single flanged rims probably indicate late 1950s or early 60s
Unknown small traps set 1900-10s Italian
Unknown Euro snare
Likely a student snare, 1960s or 70s
German style strainer and bottom rim
Muffler appears to be a later addition

Unknown snare, probably German from the 50s

Unknown MIJ strainer system
A copy of the Slingerland clamshell design
Unknown MIJ bass drum with oversized Gretsch style lugs
Unknown snare, likely British or French from the 1900s
Unknown European snare strainer
Unknown snare, probably European
Unknown Euro snare with parallel strainer
One rim or the other appears to be non-original
Unknown lug casings, probably German
Tromsa, Trowa, Roxy?
Unknown double cymbal arm bracket
Unknown snare butt plate. Phillips head screws may indicate Japanese
Unknown tension rods, 10-24 thread
Unknown hoop clamp cowbell post
Unknown cymbal sizzler attachment - possibly homemade
Unknown snare, likely homemade.
A mixture of gold/brass and nickel plated hardware
Stave construction with vertical holes for weight reduction?
Unknown ball and socket rack tom mount
Some Kent-style bits are visible here
Unknown 1900s Prussian style snare. Features some commonly used parts, but the rim clip and tension rod styles are unfamiliar.
Unknown bongo drums. Lugs are ersatz Slingerland "beavertail" lugs.
Unknown snare, a German style strainer is visible
Unknown brand cymbal arm with removable seat section
Unknown lug casings on this frankendrum tom. Similar to Slingerleedy but simpler. Muffler knob is a 30s/early 40s Slingerland, clip bracket is a common Walberg & Auge. The wrap was used by Ludwig and Gretsch beginning in the 1950s.
Unknown diamond head tension rods. Nickel, 12-24 threads.
Standard drum keys don't fit these rods.