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Ajax 60s lug inserts
Ajax lug inserts, 1960s-70s
Ajax lug casing
From 7006 lugs


Gretsch Broadkaster Rocket lug inserts
Three different Gretsch Rocket lug springless insert styles, late 1930s-early 50s, chronology unknown. The leftmost parts are 10-24 thread, likely for a late 30s Rogers drum.
Gretsch lug inserts
Gretsch lug inserts, classic lugs 1950s-80s. Longer inserts were for bass drum lugs, shorter for tom and snare lugs. Nickel or chrome. These are very similar to Slingerland inserts but have a slight taper along the entire length.


Kent 40s lug inserts
Kent 40s lug inserts. Very similar to WFL and other brands of the era, but with a slightly smaller footprint.


Leedy self-aligning lug parts
Leedy self-aligning lug inserts and clamp
Leedy self-aligning lug rear
A unique design and one of the first non-fixed threaded lug pieces.
Leedy box lug insert
Leedy box lug insert, 1929-33
Leedy box lug interior
Held in place by a set screw, additional to the lug's mounting screws. In 1933 the box lug design switched to a square insert with a spring, which continued to be used in the later beavertail lug casings.
Leedy box lug insert version 2
Leedy box lug insert version 2, mid to late 1930s
Leedy box lug insert version 2
10-24 threads. Note the lack of set screws in the casing.
Leedy 40s beavertail lug inserts
Leedy beavertail lug inserts, 1940s. Nickel finish. This style continued with Leedy & Ludwig, and Ludwig. Probably introduced in 1938 for the Imperial lug.


Ludwig long lug inserts
Ludwig lug inserts, 2208 (long) and [presumably] 2209 (medium length). 1950s-80s. Chrome or nickel. Insert length depended on shell depth and rod length.
Ludwig short lug inserts
Ludwig 2210 short lug inserts. Chrome, or brass with a matte gray or black finish. Used in the 1960s on piccolo and other snare drum lugs.
Ludwig bowtie lug inserts
Early bowtie lugs had these significantly wider inserts. They are not interchangeable with Classic inserts, probably a WFL holdover part.


Pearl 60s 6mm bass drum lug inserts
Pearl 60s or early 70s bass drum lug inserts, 6mm threads.
Pearl 60s 6mm bass drum lug inserts
Another vintage Pearl style, also 6mm threads for bass drum rods.


Premier lug inserts retaining clips
Assorted Premier lug inserts and retaining clips, 1950s-70s.


Rogers beavertail lug inserts
Rogers beavertail lug inserts (and springs), 1960s-early 70s
Rogers beavertail lug inserts
Rogers beavertail lug inserts, a later spring version before the switch to a springless design
Rogers beavertail lug inserts
Rogers beavertail lug inserts, later springless version with retaining clips. 1970s-80s.


Slingerland Radio King lug inserts
Slingerland Radio King lug inserts. These were produced in three lengths, and in nickel plate as well as aluminum
Slingerland lug inserts
Slingerland lug inserts, 1950s-70s. Unplated, nickel and chrome versions exist of this style.


Sonor Phonic lug inserts
Sonoro Phonic lug inserts. Earlier versions had springs, later Snaplock inserts were help in place with a retaining clip as shown.

Star/Hoshino Gakki

Star Hoshino lug inserts
Star tom and bass drum inserts, late 1960s-70s. 5mm-0.9 and 6mm threads respectively.
Star 5mm lug inserts
Two styles of Star Japanese lug inserts from the 60s or early 70s. Star was uncommon in using 5mm-0.9 threads on their tension rods, and these inserts are undersized compared to most brands.


Tama 80s 90s lug inserts
Tama lug inserts, 1980s-90s. Found on SuperStar, ImperialStar and other lugs. Springless design with plastic retaining clip.


Yamaha 60s lug inserts
Yamaha "Y Badge" lug inserts, 1960s. Very similar to Slingerland inserts but more susceptible to rust.


Zickos barrel nut lug inserts
Zickos barrel nut lug inserts, 1970s-00s
Zickos rim clips tension rods barrel lug inserts
1/4-20 threads, a quick release design for fast rim removal