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My name is Adam Kozie. I’m a drummer, drum restorer, drum builder and drum dealer but above all I’m a parts collector and seller. Over the years I’ve developed a trained eye for placing drum brands, eras, threads and things like that. And I love a good mystery drum.

I generally have hundreds of items for sale online at any given time, and thousands more in bins at my workshop. I take a ton of photos of drum parts and I conceived this website as a way to reuse these photos, to have a permanent online reference for the drum community. As I live in the US, the emphasis is on American drums but I’ll post whatever comes into my possession here when possible.

Decolite drum set
I build drums under the name Decolite, using antique parts that I collect. Shown is Decolite kit #1, 12/14/18 with 1920s-40s Gretsch shells and a variety of nickel hardware from the traps era.